The Merchant of Venice (2012-2013)

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Young hot-shot Bassanio’s in debt, a lot of debt, but intends to make it back by marrying wealthy socialite Portia. All he needs is a loan of three hundred ducats, and close friend Antonio thinks he knows where he can get it. Turning to the backstreets of Venice they find Shylock, bitter at the cruel mistreatment of his people, but apparently happy to give them ready cash. If the debt is not paid, all he asks for is a pound of Antonio’s flesh…

With a reputation for pushing boundaries and creating truly imaginative and polished productions of classic texts, this winter’s ETG tour of Europe looks set to be one of the most ambitious yet.

This new production will tour Europe in December 2012 before returning to the ADC Theatre, Cambridge, for a run from 15-19 January 2013.

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