King Lear (2011-2012)

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“King Lear” is one of greatest works in Western literature, yet the challenges involved in performing Shakespeare’s tragic masterpiece mean that it is rarely performed in student theatre. Set in modern day England, ETG’s “King Lear” thrives on verbal and visual accessibility.

Regal lavishness and the proud pomp of archetypal Englishness spiral into a nightmare as Lear casts goodness and compassion into the wilderness and malice takes up the reins of power. The modern world of England slowly collapses into a timeless Gothicism; everything and everyone being stripped of colour and distorted, leaving behind a terrifying skeleton of all things English.

This production toured Europe in December 2011 before returning to the ADC Theatre, Cambridge, for a run from 17-21 January 2012.


  • Lear — Theo Hughes-Morgan
  • Albany — Danny Rhodes
  • Goneril — Mary Galloway
  • Cordelia/Fool — Charlotte Hamblin
  • Cornwall — Guy Woolf
  • Regan — Emma Hall
  • Gloucester — Jack Hudson
  • Edmund — Tom Russell
  • Edgar/France — Hugh Wyld
  • Kent — Quentin Beroud
  • Oswald/Burgundy — Will Peck
  • Other parts played by members of the company

Production Team

  • Tour Manager — Florence Carr
  • Business Manager — Will Wadsworth
  • Director — Charlie Parham
  • Costume Designer — Heather Williams
  • Set Designer — Sonia Tong
  • Stage Manager — Charlotte Barrington
  • Technical Director — Ollie Duff
  • Lighting Designer — Omi Chowdhury
  • Chief Electrician — Ian Baker
  • Technicians — Vicky Green, Charlotte Call & Adam Smith