Julius Caesar (2007-2008)

Pompey defeated, Julius Caesar returns to Rome, flushed with triumph. But Rome has changed, and talk of assassination lurks behind every column...

Cambridge University European Theatre Group's 50th anniversary production of one of Shakespeare's greatest tragedies brings the political intrigue of Ancient Rome into a modern setting in which our barbarism and ambition are revealed in the relationships with those closest to us. Morality is forgotten in the lust for power, love is cast viciously aside, and the true nature of honour is finally realised.

This brilliant new production tours Europe in December 2007 before returning to the ADC Theatre, Cambridge, for a run from 15-19 January 2008.


  • Marcus Brutus — Edward Rice
  • Portia — Stephanie Bain
  • Julius Caesar/Octavius Caesar — Mark James Maughan
  • Calpurnia/Cinna/First Citizen/Lucia/Volumnius/Young Cato — Catriona Cahill
  • Cassius — Josh Higgott
  • Mark Antony — Rob Carter
  • Casca/Titinius/Clitus — James Walker
  • Cicero/Flavius/Ligarius/Lepidus/Lucilius — Peter Baxter
  • Decius Brutus/Second Citizen/Pindarus — Jack Monaghan
  • Claudio/Metellus Cimber/Messala/Murellus/Third Citizen — Adam Hollingworth
  • The Poet — Alex Moyet
  • Other parts played by members of the company

Production Team

  • Tour Manager — Rob Mills
  • Business Manager — Salvador Lloret-Fariña
  • Director — Uri Adiv
  • Production Designer — Bethan Bide
  • Stage Manager — Laura Hallaways
  • Technical Director — Phil Norris
  • Lighting Designer — Paul Henderson
  • Chief Electrician — David Mack
  • Technicians — Ben Hoare, David Pugh & Nick Stenning
  • Welfare Manager — Mike Fletcher
  • Costume Assistant — Louise Barker